sharp twinges - normal?

Im nearly 5 weeks now nd having shrp twinges in my sides (level to my waist), they come and go & get very light cramping like af pains but aliot lighter!

I had my dr appointment today nd she seems happy but tested me for UTI which was negtive. Im very worried about ectopic pregnancy as i had chlamydia when i was younger.

I guess i need to have my mind put at ease that these shrp twinges are normal!

thanks girls



  • Hi

    I got twinges at the sides as well very early on and had myself worked up it was ectopic, but everything was fine, i think it's just everything getting sorted out in there and starting to grow.

    if the doc seemed happy today then try and take some reassurance from that, but if it's really sore or you're still worried then get back in touch with dr or midwife

    and congratulations!!

    aileen xx
  • thanks, im so worried its ectopic if it doesnt go awy ill go back to my dr.
  • Hi 2bsmart, i have had twinges in every conceivable part of belly and back . I also woried like crazy. im sure you will be fine. If you are worried and the pain increases then go to your doc even if it is just to rassure your self. x
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