Braxton Hicks or Real contractions? Also on labour.

hi girls.

I am currently 39+2

At 4am this morning I woke uo with what I thought were contractions.

Basically it was period type pains and tightening.

They became incresingly more painful.

Not so much that they took my breath away but definetly made me go "ouuuuch"

anyway I timed them from 4.30 to 6am and they were coming anywhere between every 5 minutes and 10 mintutes and lasting from 30 seconds to 1 minute 30.

They were still hapening at 6am but I was so tired i decided to go back to bed, had broken sleep till about 9am when I just gave up and got ready.

Now throughout the day I've had the odd contraction, painful. But no pattern.

Now to begin with I thought they were BH but in my experince these have not been painful!

Has anyone else experinced this??



  • I thought I was in labour with Zara about 12 hours before I actually was & even went as far as calling my mum to come over to look after Amy. The pains were getting intense so I took some paracetamol & then about 10 minutes later everything stopped. I mentioned this to the mw & she said that if paracetamol stops the contractions that its a good indication of whether it is the real thing or not. the good news is that I went into proper labour 12 hours later so hopefully you wont have long to go now. If you are in any doubt though phone the hospital for advice hun.

    Good Luck

    Hilary x
  • Thanks for the reply Hilary :\)

    Im not going to ring the labour ward, I dont like to seem like a pain, if you know what i mean. The woman are snooty.

    Im still getting the odd contraction but maybe like one an hour so I think it is my body preparing for real labour.


  • ohhh Aimz might be going into labour!!! how exciting!!!

  • Hi Gem,
    How are you babe?
    its your day tomorrow image

    I don't think this is labour as such but its more my body slowly getting used to it.
    You know what i mean?
    Im still getting the contractions though so see it as a good thing.

    I want 'real' labour now.

  • I'm doing good.. too bloody good tbh.... i want some contractions!!!!

    I think my day will come and go- i really need to find something to do tomorrow other than sit around wishing my baby to come!

    Is your oh pampering you tonight seen as your still getting the contractions? Oh i do hope it turns in to real labour soon- even though i will be extremly jealous!


  • He isnt.

    I should really get him to rub my feet and stuff shouldnt I.

    Ooo Im having a reflexology foot massage on Monday
  • my oh isn't looking after me either!!! he is playing call of duty 4 (he is such a geek)

    Ohhh foot massage- sounds nice! I've been really lucky- not really gained any weight (im a chubbs anyway- so my feet are used to the weight)

    Its really icy where i am- so i'm frightened to go out anywhere- i'm such a big jessie!! Ohhh and the likelyhood of me getting diamonds is ZILCH! more chance of me giving birth in the next 3 hours
  • good luck! hope it all starts happening for you soon.
    take care. xxx
  • Well,
    the contractions stopped last night.
    Think my bodies play tricks on me imageimage;(
  • awww!! hopefully they;ll start up again v.soon!

  • keep us posted aimz, im on tenterhooks reading this!!! gd luck xx
  • Oh hopefully it wont be long before they start up again & keep going!!!

    Keep us all posted xx
  • Today me and my oh went on a nice long walk (round the shops) but nothing!
    I cannot wait to meet my baby!

    Dont worry girlies will keep u posted ;\) x
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