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Hi Ladies

Just wondered if anyone has been told from a scan that there baby is heading to be a big baby??

I had my 4D scan sat and asked her to see how much baby weighs at the moment she mesaured his belly but said it wasnt telling her the measurement so tried his leg and she said he was measuring 2 weeks ahead and heading to be a 9lb baby!!! :O could it just be he is going to be tall as my OH is very very tall??

I am worrying about this and havent told anyone!! xx


  • I wasnt told at a scan but had my 32wk app with MW last week and was measuring 2wks ahead. I will be measured again next week and sent for growth scan if needed.

    How far gone are you?
  • i am 28 weeks this week. Thanks for replying. xx
  • Im not really sure how she could tell that early how big it would be?

    Maybe ask you MW to measure you, mine started doing this at 28wks.
  • Ok thanks i will do i have an appointment next week with MW She measured me at 24 weeks and i was measuring right. xx
  • From what I understand, they can be very inaccurate when measuring the babies at scans.

    That said, my baby has been consistently measuring large since my 20 week scan. I have had to have several growth scans and diabetes tests but all is well, just been told I'm having a big baby. I'm 31+6 now and he's still measuring big (on 97th centile for head and tummy) so being monitored closely.

    I'm sure all will be fine and from what I've been told, a bigger baby is easier to push out!
  • The scan just measures the length of the baby's body parts and if your oh is tall then its very likely that is why. MW will tell you when she measures you. 9lb seems to be pretty average at the moment, a few of my friends have just had babies, one at 9lb5, another at 9lb10 and another at 10lb!!!

    I'm sure your MW will measure you and if she feels your are to big will probably send you for a GTT. Sure its nothing to worry about hun, I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead but the baby is fine and not big at all, i don't have diabetes am just fat lol!
  • I was told mine was about the size of a 21-22wk old baby when I was 19wks!!! Eeeek!

  • Wow I cant wait to find out what my baby measures at my scan in 2 weeks time! My friend had a baby a week ago at 5lb 5 shes so dinky!!



  • i had to go for a late scan and they measured the baby at 5lb 11oz - and i had 5 weeks left at this time, so i thought this was quite big! (considering i was only 6lb when i was born!) but midwife said it can vary 25% either way, so its not very accurate! xxxx
  • I agree with Tracey and baby. 9lb isn't that big nowadays. I think the average at the min for your first baby is bout 8lb 6oz. My first 9years ago was 8lb11oz so am expecting a BIG one this time.

    Anyway try not to think bout this too much as i have actually never heard of anyone's measurements ending up accurate xx
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