Can you monitor fertility while still on pill??

Ok so Im new to this whole thing!

We have decided to start trying for a baby (yay!) in Jan (no earlier as we dont want to baby to come any earlier than September).

I am on Microgynon at the moment and have been for about 4 years. I was planning to come off the pill at the start of Jan, but have since read up a bit about how long it takes to get it 'out of your system' and am now thinking I may need to stop now (on period at mo, so wouldn't go back on).

Obviously I dont want our sex life to die a death between now and Christmas! So I was wondering whether it was possible to monitor your fertility/mucus consistency while still on the pill, or whether I would def have to come off?

I have 3 days before Im due to go back on the pill, so if anyone can help soon, would be greatly appreciated!!!

(P.S - does the word mucus gross anyone else out?! Only just started using these terms and still getting used to using such words with hubby who is equally grossed out!!)

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  • This is just my opinion but I would stop now and not take it again and I say that because, even though we all vary, I was on Microgynon for longer than you (9yrs), and when I stopped it (Dec 07), it gave me longer cycles of 35 (instead of the norm 28), and it took me 6 months to conceive. It will do you no harm to stop and prepare for a month or 2 earlier and just use another contraception (condoms), until your ready.

    Em x
  • I would agree with the others, come off the pill now and give yourself a head-start of getting it out of your system. You might be lucky and get straight back into a natural cycle and if so no harm done other than the nuisance of using condoms for a couple of months max.

    With regards to monitoring your cm (a nicer way of saying cervical mucus :lol: ) there's not really much point in doing this if you're still on the pill as the pill stops you ovulating and ew (egg white) cm is your way of knowing that you're ovulating and also the pill dries up cm anyway. So it won't tell you anything until you come off the pill.

    If you want to monitor your cycles when you come off the pill, I would recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. It really helped me as I have PCOS so my cycles are very irregular, and it helped me to understand when I was and wasn't ovultaing and when to expect my AF (sorry if you haven't got to grips with the abbreviations yet on this site - AF = Aunt Flo = Period!)

    If you really don't want to get pregnant before January though, I wouldn't recommend charting your cycles as your form of contraception if you've never done it before. It will take a couple of cycles for you to recognise your signs and get to grips with it.

    Best of luck & wishing you a speedy BFP when you're ready!

  • Thanks for all your helpful comments - think Im gonna come off pill now and hope for the best!

    P.S - what the heck does bfp mean?? Sorry!
  • Hey Hun

    I was on microgynon for about 9yrs I came off in may had my withdrawal bleed and had 2 29 day cycles and then got my BFP! So didnt take me long at all.

    I dont think u could monitor your fertility being on the pill as the pill makes ur body think u are pregnant there for you wouldnt be fertile. But even when i came off of the pill i had no signs of ovulation at all but still got my BFP.

    Its personal choice really but u could fall pregnant straight away and then ur baby would be due before sept. You could come of the pill and use condoms that way u can measure ur cycle and get the pill out of your system but not fall pregnant?

    Jennie 15+4
  • Hi i came off the pill a while before we wanted to get pregnant. i'd been on it for 11 years. it took a year for my periods to become regular. We were very careful in that time as i didn't want a bump for my wedding in aug. as soon as we stopped being careful i fell pregnant! it was perfect!
  • Can only agree with the others - get off that pill asap as for some people it takes bloomin' ages to get back into any kind of track-able cycle, which is depressing when you definitely want to ttc.

    As for monitoring your fertility whilst still ON the pill - though I'm not a medical professional I don't think this is possible, as the pill messes with your natural hormone levels and so masks your true fertility.

    Good luck! Hope to see you here on Pregnancy soon (though cross fingers I've have moved to Baby by then!)

    36 weeks today
  • You guys are all so lovely! My husband is totally impressed with how nice women are to each other!!

    Will keep you updated........!

    P.S - Thanks for all the abbreviation explanantions, made hubby laugh!
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