things are getting on top of me

They really are as it says, i am nearly 37 weeks and my baby has been breech since my last growth scan when i was 30 weeks, i have another scan on tuesday to check position and growth then straight round to consultant for a decision and plan of action becase my baby was measuring 35 weeks at 30 weeks, i am terrified this is number 4 so you would think i would be able to take everything in my stride but i am so struggling and the thing is people expect me to be coping even my dh, i had relitively normal births with the other 3, but it is so close to tuesday, i had to have a ecv with number 3 it didnt work but then she turned 2 days before labour, i really dont want to go through that gain i really dont, it was awful, i feel really emotional all the time i am excited to have my baby but i am so scared, when i mention my worries i just get oh this will will be like shelling peas or you will be fine its your 4th, some times i just cry like a wierdo, sorry moan over just really feeling the pressure of this amongst my other everyday stuff

chloe x


  • Chloe is there anything you can do to encourage turning. exercises. This is my first so i not yet experianced the tiredness and exhaustion of late pregnancy but i feel for you. How annoying that everyone just presumes- oh its you 4th so you will be fine. Giving birth for the first or fiftieth time is still a major trauma for you body!!! Good luck for scan x
  • I can understand the frustration at being expected to know it all and have an easy time of it, even though this is only my second, so I can imagine its much worse when its your 4th.
    Can you not sit them down and tell them that its really getting to you and that it isnt the same as the other pregnancies, and that you're scared and worried and need a bit of tlc...?
    Missy has been constantly turning - she's been in a diff position each time and will prob be diff again on mon when i go for a check up.
    I hope you lo turns for you then you dont have to go through it again.
    not much more i can say other than take it easy and make people put you first.
  • Chloe, I'm sorry you are feeling so rubbish. It doesn't matter that this is your 4th - you are still going through a physically and emotionally tiring time and every baby is differnt and every pregnancy different so don't feel bad for feeling bad!!
    As for baby being breech, mine was last week but managed to turn itself round for my scan on Weds. I went to acupuncture and did exercises to get it to move and something certainly worked. There is a post about it on April forum somewhere. I still have to go back in 2 weeks to check its still the right way round and see my mw next week if she can fit me in and am worried it might have moved again but fingers crossed it will behave itself.

    Take care and get on all 4's and wiggle around as much as possible!

  • thanks for the replies, really appreciate it went to visit a friend today who has had 5 and told her and she said her last one was her most scariest like i feel!! i have been doing the exercise things for weeks since about 29 weeks, but it is getting painful now and i cant get up so i have to do them when my dh is in!! or i am stuck in a very odd position, oh well tuesday is looming, i really hope my gut instinct is wrong and that she has turned but not putting money on it thanks agin

    dg so glad your lo turned for you i really hope she stays there for you hun x
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