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hope you dont mind me asking but where abouts in Cumbria are you? I'm in Cumbria too! image


  • Hi Stephe, no dont mind you asking at all.

    I live in Penrith. Whereabouts you from?

  • Ulverston.
    used to date a guy that lived near penrith, and worked at the school in penruddock. lovely area.
    i love that restaurant, erm, the cat in the hat (i think if i remember) was really really good.

    wow that makes three of us from cumbria, *mrsjules* is too.

    whats the weather been like up there? had any snow? I love snow but its only slush here, were too close to the sea :\(

  • Hi Stephe

    I used to live in the village next to Penruddock (Greystoke) before i moved into my own house in Penrith.

    I know which restaurant you mean - The Cat in the Be-bop Hat. Its called something different now. It was nice food there.

    The weather here is cold and wet (hoping for snow at Xmas). I;m off work today as full of cold (again!). It would be okay if i didnt keep getting pestered by stupid market researchers on the phone - its rang at least 5 times today! Mind you, not too poorly to be sat here on the computer!!

    Anyway, all the best to you with your pregnancy. How far are you? Im 22 weeks on Thursday. We are expecting a girl!!

  • sorry, I'm not pregnant yet, got a lil 6 month old boy and were gonna be ttc very soon i hope for our next.

    so nice to hear your having a girl, i would love a lil girl!

    thats the place! has it been bought out then?
    re market researchers, even if youre registereed with tps you still get them calling! bloody nuisance.

    take it easy with ur preg and enjoy it. it goes far too quickly!
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