plus size maternity clothes?

i am a larger lady at a size 22/24 and i am cant find any maternity clothes at all. i have tried all the online shops but some of them dont look very flattering. i have always been on the large side but am only 26 so am trying to stay looking fashionable too! can anyone help?
i have heard peacocks do a range but i am not sure what size they go up to.


  • hi sasha 34. try simply be the have nice maternity clothes. i'm the same size as u and am finding it really difficult to !!!!

  • Hiya

    I'm a 22 and was worried to begin with but have found enough to last me I think... Next maternity goes up to 22 but they're quite generous - i.e. their normal clothes in 22 don't fit me but their maternity stuff does. Have got some nice PJs, combats for the weekends and black trousers for work, plus a few tops.

    Simply Be do maternity but their fit just doesn't work on my body shape and their stuff comes up HUGE too!

    Littlewoods catalogue do maternity but not yet ordered anything.

    Dotty P's go up to 22 but just never found anything I liked...

    H&M have XXL (I think) and the sizes fit but all of their maternity tops are REALLY long and I don't want to cover up my bum - that style does not flatter me!!!

    I got most of my clothes from an American store called Motherhood Maternity during a trip to Florida in November. I am pretty sure they ship internationally but could be costly...

    Hope this helps for now!

    Joo xxx
  • joo. i've just order a top from simply be oh no i'm raging bet its huge (cry).
    i always found next to be to small on me but i will defo try there maternity now.

  • Sorry Cha!

    I've only ever ordered in my normal size but they're very big! Next time will order one size smaller!

  • good idea, i never thought of that. guess i'll have to do more shopping then ;\)

  • thanks girls!
    i will have a look at the places you have both suggested. i worry about ordering online cuz if it doesnt fit properly its a hassle sending it back!
    im not sure if next will fit me but i will give it a go!
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