days till baby's birth... two little Q's!

how do i change it because when i first found out i was pregnant they said 28th but its actually 26th i know its not a big deal but if i can change it id like too because i always have to take two days off to see how many days i have left?

2nd Q is what happens if you go over due to your count down? lol i know its not a big deal but i just wondered! lol x like to you have to confirm your labour or birth or something?

blonde moment haha :lol:


  • if you go onto my details you can change your due date on there thats how i changed mine

    as for the 2nd question i havent got a clue but would also like to know xxx
  • hi, go on my details on the left and change your due date to the 26th
    not sure what will happen if you go overdue youl prob just have to keep changing ur due date
    oooo excited for you!! not long now xx
  • Thanks for that!!

    I know am having my lo 2 wks before his due date of 24th so I always just take 14 from whatever is on the page but am gonna go do this now so its more exciting when I log in lol

    Love Lee
  • changed it - lol thanks girls! due on the 26th July! haha x
  • Thats brill - have now got 68 days left!!!

    Am now off to panic - still need sooooo much!

    Love Lee
  • (gatecrashing from baby forum) if you go over due you have to change your due date when you have ur LO. xx
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