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Hi guya my baby 2 weeks old now and i just want to warn you to spend your maternity leave wisely before your lo is born.All the things they say in magazines about cooking and freezing food about having a good clear out etc. I kept putting things off becouse i couldnt be bothered and was in lot of pain toward end of pregnancy and now i just dont have a minute to shit in peace! My lo is so so beautiful but she is really suffering from wind and crys nearly all day and night! Iconstantly have to carry her or nurse her so unless someone else is here i cant do anything! My oh went back to work yesterday and it is so hard to think about even what we are going to have for tea., and cus i cant drive after c section its adrama just to get a loaf of bread. My mum is showing me howto get on the bus tomorow!!!!!!!! Im 34 and havnt been onbus since i was 15 but i need to venture out on my own. So anyway be really prepared get things in like loo rolls, LOADS of sanitry towells!!! (i cant beleive how many you get through) Bin bags washing up liquid!!! again if you are bottle feeding you seem to end up washing and sterilising bottles all day! And toiletries i ran out of deodarant and shampoo and conditioner and its just one less thing to worry about. Might seem a bit obvious but maybee i was just a bit niave but when people say a baby turns your life upside down they really do mean it. I want to stabregularpeople when they moan that they are tired. My lo lets me have about 2 or 3 hour and half sleeps if im lucky. Good luck guys! x


  • Hi,
    I'm not sure whether to say thanks or not because you have me petrified now lol! My LO is due on the 30th March but I might be going in next week to be induced but won't know until Monday so I think I might now spend this weekend stocking up & perhaps doing some cooking & freezing of food!
    Good luck with the bus, I don't drive so bus it everywhere & it's grand & I hope things settle down a bit for you over the next few weeks.
    Lauren (36+2) xxx
  • Hi westbrom1,
    Firstly congratulations on the birth you your baby!
    I'm finishing work 2 weeks before our baby is due, so am trying to get things organised as much as poss now before i'm too big/uncomfortable/useless/tired!! I can just see the time flying by!
    I will stock up on bits though - not thought of that before! Loo roll ALWAYS runs out when you need it most! LOL
    Thanks for the advice - i'm gonna have to write a million lists!
    Sarah xx
  • Hi Westbrom, congrats on your baby! Thanks for the advice. Me & hubby actually have a week off next week that we were gonna use to sort out all the baby bits that we have been stock piling and get in everything else that we need. You have just confirmed how important it is to be oganised!!!! Hope your bus venture goes well!
    Tammi x

  • Hi Westbrom, i have a little one already and went through all this 19months ago im expecting another little girl in 8 weeks so i know how you feel, its hard work and even harder when baby has bad wind! I can give you some advise though if you are bottle feeding i found this out when my lo was 2weeks old and i swear by it now get MAM bottles they come colour co-ordinated in blue or pink and can be expensive but believe me after about 4 feeds with these bottles the wind was alot better within 3 days YES 3 days my daughter was sleeping through the night they REALLY are that good maybe try them and see how you go things became alot easier once the wind got better good luck on enjoy your baby while she is small they do grow very quickly Sophie 32wks xx

  • Thanks for the advice, as well as stocking up on baby stuff in the supermarket I will start to buy extra shampoo, loo roll and stuff. It's a really good idea. Hope everything is ok westbrom!
  • Congratulations on your little girl and thanks so much for advice, I do hope things settle down for you very soon.

    Em x
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