leaking clear liquid??

hi for the past couple weeks my boobs have been leaking a clear liquid (not milky), esp if they are even slightly touched or squeezed. do you think i should start wearing breast pads just now?i only needed them after birth last time.



  • Think I would just wear them if I was going out and about if this happened to me just incase it was a bit unpredictable. Keep dreading it happening at work. Is it alot of leakage? xxx
  • hi its not a lot really, but def is getting to be more each day. once only one boob at first until today, now its the two.my bra is starting to get marked inside so think i will start with the pads... thing is im having to wear sanitary towels (due to leaky pee when i cough or sneeze LOL) so ill be walking about with them AND breast pads and ive not even had the baby yet, not very sexy atall!!!image
  • Oh dear, the things we have to go through! All padded up and nowhere to waddle, lol. Tmi but if it makes you feel any better, I keep waking myself up breaking wind! And had never done it in front of hubby before so it's really embarrassing as he's always awake when it happens, lol. It's not quiet either, it's like Rolf Harris in the bedroom with a didgeridoo. Hoping it stops after birth!

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