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What have you looked for when buying your pushchair? What features are important and useful? Are there any features you wish were there and simply are not? Any features which are comletely useless? I am trying to help a friend who is researching tis topic and your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  • i agree with jbean the base for the car seat is very handy we will be getting a car seat that has one but the other thing ive found is alot of the push chairs and car seats feel quite hard and not particulally comfortable for baby so im keeping looking for something comfy as i do alot of walking and dont want baby to uncomfortable

    emma xx
  • HI we went for the mama's & papas 03 sport as it can be used as a travel system and is an all terrain which we need for living in the middle of the country. Also want a car seat that sat on a base to make it easier. Tammi xxx
  • For me the most important thing is that baby can lie flat, can face me or the other way and its easy to push. I dont drive and walk everywhere so I needed to be able to push it easily. It needs to fit into your life, so if you drive everywhere one thats light and easy to fold and with a car seat is good but if you walk everywhere then one thats easy to push is better. Most important thing is comfort for baby though, I like the travel systems but I dont like having the baby in the car seat on the pram for too long because it looks so uncomfy so my one has a carrycot so baby can lie down if its going to be in the pram for along time but the car seat can also go on top of the wheels if I'm just nipping out.
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