Pins and needles in hands


I just wondered if anyone else has been getting pins and needles in there hands/fingers. I started getting them last night, but have had them off and on all day.My fingers have swollen a little, but nothing major. I can't seem to find any info anywhere to say that this is common. (I didn't suffer with this when I had my first baby.

Jules 33w +3

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  • i have heard of it its something to do with your circulation i think it cna be quite common in people but id still phone ure midwife just to cover your back xx
  • I had a similar thing in 1st pregnancy-along with an occasional high bp and feeling flushed/faint. Doctors told me it was carpel tunnel syndrome. Would speak to mw to be on the safe side. I really just had to get on with it as mw was not much help!!x
  • I have also had this on and off for few weeks now.

    I am 25wks.
  • yes i get it too!! i've always suffered with trapped nerves in the tops of my arms! and it is similar i'm pretty sure its carpel tunnel this time can't do much about it till after bubs is here!
    carly 26+2
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