Worried about going into early labour!

Hi Had a worrying day Yesterday thought i was gonna end up having baby early i am 35 weeks today and had first lo at 38 weeks. Sorry if tmi but me and hubby did the deed yesterday morning and then after i was getting period type pains just like i did with first lo whe i went into labour and they were coming every fifteen to twenty minutes didn't tell hubby cos i didn't want to make a fuss! They ended up lasting all day and then in the evening i had like brown discharge sorry tmi but never had this in first pregnancy anyway cut a long story short ended up ringing the delivery suite and they told me to just monitor pains and discharge and to rest!!! So hubby would not let me do anything for rest of evening and have been at mum's all day today as hubby had to work and mum looked after me and lo thankfully pains have gone and things have setteled but am now scared to have sex again incase it starts it off again i know they say sex triggers labour but i didn't actually believe it!!



  • oh hun what a scare!!
    its the contractions caused by sex that can trigger labour. perhaps avoid it until nearer the time?

    have you got evrything packed just in case? glad its all settled down x

    Hayley x


  • I actually packed my hospital bag this last week so yes had everything ready! But like you siad i think i will avoid doing the deed until nearer the time or not at all!!

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