how is pregnancy affecting your emotions?

hi how is pregnancy affecting your emotions?

im a wreck at times, crying for no reason. last night hubbie walked in the door from work and i just grabbed him and cuddled him for ages and just felt like what if he ever left, and i started worrying about all stuff like that. (there is no rational reason for me to be thinking this way).

i feel a lot closer to my daughter (3yrs) and am so overprotective just now, if hubbie (her stepdad) even slightly disciplines her i have to stick up for her and i feel like crying for her (irrational i know - he is great with her).

i worry about her going in other cars, and when she goes out with her dad (bio dad), i worry when she goes out the door what if i never see her again, and the cuddle and kiss ig ive her before she leaves is as if i know i wont see her again.

i worry when hubbie goes to work, i watch him driving away out the window, and make sure i tell him i love him before he goes, just incase.

im almost crying writing this. is anyone else the same or am i just a freak?;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • no i am exactly the same - very emotional and i think about everything that (in my head) COULD happen and get so worked up about it all.
    if im not crying then im angry! ha! my oh jokes that its like playing russian roulette when he comes home!

    hope ur ok hun?
  • Think we all go through stages like this! I have always been emotional when something sad happens on the tv, but strangly this has stopped now but the stupidest things make me cry instead!!! Sometimes there isn't even a reason. Like you I have moments when I just want to cuddle my OH then others when I hate to be touched!!! Poor bloke doesn't know if he is coming or going! LOL.
  • thank god that im not the only one. im currently off work with stress as got so overemotional all the time! so now my poor fella has to deal with an irrational woman ringin him at work several times a day!lol. i also have terrible temper at the mo so if im not cryin,im shoutin and appear to have lost my sense of humour!lol. this is my 1st and admant im never gettin pregnant again. does any1 know if this gets any better? all anyone says rather annoyingly is 'itl get better', 'its only hormones', about as helpful as a chocolate teapot!lol.
    hope your both well xx
  • I think it does get better, I know I have days when I am fine then others were I am really down! Yesterday was a down day, was off work and just couldn't motivate myself to move from the sofa!!! Had a mad dash round the house at 5pm trying to get everything done and tea made before OH came home from work............amazing what you can actually do in an hour!!!
  • it is amazin indeed what you can do on an hour. i do that everyday at the mo, just the effort of movin is hard work, i do things like waashin up and washin, looks like iv done loads then!lol. xx
  • know what you mean babyfizz! once the dishes are put away the kitchen looks so tidy and a quick hoover in the living room makes all the difference!!! Lol, best not tell the oh how little effort it can take sometimes to make the house look as good!
  • ha thats really cheered me up, i do that too! i ma so tried all day and dont see the point of tidying til last minute anyway as i have a 3 year old and things dont stay clean for long.

    it is amazing what you can do in the last hour! its like the quick sweep you do when visitors are just popping round!
  • lol. it makes me feel not quite as lazy when hes impressed!lol. why is it we feel bad when we are busy sustainin new life?lol.

    how far along are you t? im 20 weeks today and so impatient to meet my little one. xx
  • I used to find that if there was a good hour long programme on telly then I would get more housework done in the ad breaks than I would all day! Work that one out!!!!!

    I got SPD so cant do much housework at the mo and am getting really really frustrated! OH's comments now hes doing it have almost led to murder! What he thinks I did b4 god only knows - his best was with the washing! He wondered how the basket could get so full in 2 days, hello - we have had that machine for a year and he only learnt to use it 3 wks ago lol

    Am I emotional - to the point of sheer madness!!!!!

    Love Lee
  • Better to ask how pregnancy is NOT affecting my emotions? It's a topic of endless discussion in our house - the last being "how can you scream and shout and cry over not having enough hot water to have a bath"? They just do not understand!!!

    I do that oldermum - in the ad breaks I whizz around like a loon - amazing how much you can get done! My excuse at the mo is that we are having building works done - we haven't even got a kitchen, so no point tidying up!
  • lol. that made me laugh. its like that inour house, my fellais like 'why are you cryin over wife swap' my response is always the same, im carryin your hild, you did this and you have to live with the tears and tantrums!lol.
    i dont think anyone who has never been pregnant can ever understand that yes i do need to sleep for 15 hours a day.
    im usin a similar excuse, we are sortin the house and lain floors so house is utter chaos thats why its a xx
  • I have been fine, up til this week and have felt really fed-up & down about everything and nothing! Stupid really, but i guess its those flaming hormones!!
    My mum thinks pregnancy actually suits me and has made me a more cheery person (apart from this week)! Not sure if that was a compliment or not when i thought about it!!
    Sarah xx
  • I am so emotional I feel over whelmed and like i cant cope not doing well this evening lots and lots of tears - not feeling very supported properly being irrational but OH is annoyed that i need to be reasured YET again and i'm in tears and I have to talk about EVERYTHING thats worrying me. I just feel so vunrable!

    Fucked off - I suffer from depression anyways but feeling very low today.
  • Hello,
    Im 28 weeks+2days.
    I have suffered with SPD from about 13 weeks and have been off of work since well before xmas because i worked in a nursery and i couldnt cope with all the bending and standing around.
    I have found being at home all the time really hard work and altho my SPD is so much better since i have been at home and ive had physio and have to wear a brace.
    I find myself very emotional. i was starting to think it was because bordom was taking its toll but from wot you ladies have been saying it isnt.
    If im having an off day and the housework isnt done i find myself having an argument with my O/H just because he asked a simple question about it lol and then when im done with shouting i will be crying about it lol
    When im in a good mood i laugh at the way i act but once im in a mood i cant snap out of it.
    Pregnancy sure isnt wot people make it out to be.
    My o/h works nights and i had learnt to deal with the fact we have limited time together but now u would think he was out the house 24 hrs a day the way i carry on. If he works late or goes out i find myself saying to him "well thanks now i only have x amount of hours with you and that means i will spend an extra x amount of hours alone" when i never cared before. And will probably then end up sobbing about it lol
  • mornin ladies, hope your all well this mornin? the messages have been cheerin me up cos now i know its not just cos im goin mad its normal. i agree that people fib bout how fab pregnancy is!lol. xx
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