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Scan showed urine in her kidneys? any1 had this??

Hi!, I had my 20 week scan on friday and they found that my baby has to much urine in her kidneys(6.1mm when the normal is 5mm) i have been booked in for another scan at 32 weeks to measure it again and if it's still rising she'll need antibiotics when she's born!
They said that it won't cause her any long term damage! I was just wondering if anybody else has a baby with this or if anyone knows why it's happened??I've never heard of it before and am totally confused by it! surely the urine should be in her bladder?? sorry for blabbering on!! kayleigh x


  • try not to worry sweetie at my 12 week scan they found a sac of fluid in baby but couldnt decide wat it was went for a scan 1 week later and it had gone! so fingers crossed its the same sort of thing xxxx
  • Hi

    In my first pregnancy when I had my 20 week scan it showed my son had fluid on his kidney, not too sure if it is the same thing but as they said when baby is born and if the urine is still there some antibiotics will be given. My son has not had any real major problems from when they discovered and treated the problem. Don' t worry in most cases it does clear up by itself, if not the antibiotics will do the trick. x
  • HI, faithm thanks for replying, i'm glad everything worked out ok, that must have been worrying if even they didn't know what it was?! Hi Mandie thanks for replying i know they say not to worry but i just can't help it!! i'm glad to hear your son was fine! So did he have the antibiotics then?if so did they have to keep him in for observation or anything? i'm hoping to bring my little girl home to meet her brother asap after the birth!! thanks Kayleigh x
  • Hi Kayleigh,

    Yes my son was given antibiotics when I was discharged from hospital which was the normal overnight stay. He was not kept in, but for the first year I had to attend quite a few outpatient appointments to check his progress, as the kidney was slightly enlarged. I must admit I did refuse one test which they wanted to do when he was 6 weeks old simply because I felt he was too young, but it did not cause any problems later down the line.
    You should be able to bring your little girl home as normal if the problem is still present at birth, but there should not be any major problems in the long run.:\)
    Good luck with everything x
  • Try not to worry about it, they said similar to my sister in law when she was pregnant with my nephew, they even tlaked about having to do an inuterine operation. he was and still is fine. at my 20 wk scan i was told 'baby's tummy is a little large - you might be diabetic' scared me whitless but scan today reveals that he is measuring 'normal' on all his measurements. Have heard these type of things countless times and 9/10 times they prove to be an overreaction.:\( of course they have to be careful though. I'm sure your baby will be fine. try not to worry, and beleive me, i know how hard THAT is! :roll: Take care
  • Hi, Mandie, thanks for replying again, you have reasured me tons now! so thanks i'm glad everything worked out ok!!
    Hi curlyclaire, that must have been awful for your sister in law to think they were going to operate?!! i'm glad it all turned out ok! i'm glad your scan showed he was ok,that must have been a relief! i know i shouldn't be worrying but i can't help it!! take care kayleigh xxx
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