When will it feel real??


I am about 5 weeks now and experiencing a few syptoms like sore breasts and very tired in the evening more than usual.

It still does not feel real and like it is happening to me?? is this normal???

Anyone else felt like this and when did it suddenly hit you?

We have not told anyone yet so maybe that is why?

ANy advice welcome.



  • Hi dreamer...

    no you are felling normal.. I am 20+3 weeks and sometimes I still dont feel like its happening to me... it has been just over 6 years since I was last pregnant and was trying for 18 months and it still feels like its happening to someone else.. apart from the amount of rest I have to do...

    Movements are quite reassuring letting me know this is happenig to me but still doesnt feel like it... if all that made sense...lol

    I was hoping that when I got some baby stuff in it might change but didnt.... but every one is different and everyone feels it at different times image

  • Hi hun i didnt know i was pregnant untill i was 10 weeks gone i had no symptoms at all lucky in away i have moments when i forget i am pregnant not in a bad way if u know what i mean i am 25 weeks 2mra and i now its real now lol feel him moving all the time!!every1 is different and u learn that as ur pregnancy goes on !!
  • Hiya

    I must agree everyone is different, but I thought I would tell you how I felt cause I'm just starting to show and 12 weeks in two days. It took me 5 years to get pregnant. This is my first pregnancy. I found out at 4 weeks.

    It still doesnt feel real. But my baby has constant pictures taken of it cause poor little one is giving me a very hard time. And although i'm going for my third scan tomorrow for a check up, I still think its not real. And that it wont be there.i have seen it moving twice now and the heartbeat. And it wakes me in the morning I think cause i wake up every morning like clockwork at 6:30. I don't know why.

    I always get up round 7:45.Not sure what bump wants that early in the morning. So you see? In just a few weeks you will know its real. And if you get morning sickness.Love, then you'll know.

    Good luck!! And don't worry. Just give your little one a rub every morning. So that he doesnt feel forgotten. My partner does it all the time.Bless em

    Keep well!!!
  • Hi

    Cannot believe Cath only just started showing. It just shows how different woman are. I'm showing and I'm only 11+4 I have lost weight in my arms and legs cause of the morning sickness. But my bump is growing everyday. I'm gonna be mammoth!!!!

    My partner is gonna hate the big fat me!!! image
  • Mine began to feel real at about 20wks when it started monving but I really felt pregnant from about 24ish weeks. Mind you, I am typing this whilst breastfeeding my little boy who's 16 days old and tbh sometimes none of it feels real and I can't believe he's mine or that i went through all of it!!!
  • With my last pregnancy it didn't feel real until I was taken into hospital to b induced then it actually hit me. I'm only 6+3 at the moment so I'm at that point where I dnt actually feel pregnant (although I have started to show omg!). Coz u r so early on it takes time to sink in and even wen u start telling ppl later on in the pregnancy u mite have to pinch urself! k x
  • hi there im due my 2nd baby in 5 weeks and its only just become reality, i think it will hit u wen u start 2 feel it move around and wen u have everything ready. good luck x
  • Hi, I'm about 5-6 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and it definitely doesn't feel real yet, especially as I haven't noticed many symptoms.

    I'm expecting it might get a bit more real when we've told people (told no-one so far) or when I start to show, but we'll see!

    VERY excited though!!

  • Hi Dreamer2007

    I am 7+4 and found out two weeks ago. It defo doesn't feel real. For the first 4 or 5 days, I felt all shaky and nervous and was frigtened to move!!!! ( been trying for over two years ) but I have chilled out a bit now!

    I feel exactly the same as you, and am dying to tell everyone ( maybe then it will feel more real! )

    Time goes so quickly, so I guess we should just enjoy the fact we are pregnant and try not to worry about anyting else.

  • It doesn't feel real even after telling people you are due to the type of work i do i had to tell them as soon as i knew incase any precautions had to be made.i suffer nausea and really sore boobs and my tummy when i stand up is a bump already (i'm7+1weeks) when i lie down it hides again lol I think finding out so early makes the wait seem so much longer therefore it seems less real as teh goal is months and months away. June is a very long time away! i'm due 3 days after my b'day according to the dates although there is some uncertainty about whether my lmp was really a period or a miscarriage of a twin. due to clottings and heavy bleeding and pain. we'll eventually find out i'm sure.
  • Hey hun, it takes ages to 'feel real'! I found out I was pregnant at 3+3 (did a very early test and did NOT expect a positive). Now 15+4, feel like I've been pregnant forever.

    I had the most awful morning sickness and threw up most days, it was pretty grim! (Stopped by 11 weeks tho.) But I still didn't feel pregnant. In fact, I have only felt pregnant in the last week or so cos in a very short space of time I've gained a massive bump!

    I've got a doppler and I listen to the baby a couple of times a week, I hear it's heart beating but I STILL can't believe it. It's weird. x x x
  • I think by the time you actually start to believe you are pregnant you then suddenly realise you are going to have a little person to look after very soon! lol!

    It is still early days for you so don't panic, as the others say once you have a bump and can feel the baby moving around you will feel more pregnant. The reality that you are going to be responsible for a baby is something else though I think! I am so excited but still can't really believe it and I am 33 weeks! =) x
  • for me it really sunk in when i started feeling her moving about in there. i didn't start showing much at all until i was 7month! so it was harder to get my head around. Even now with just a week to go, although i'm used to being pregnant, i'm only just getting used to the idea that the huge bluging tummy is a real little person! i focused a lot on the fact i was pregnant and not so much on what was coming at the end up of it! X
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