cramp like feelings not in lower belly

Woke up with horrendous cramp like pains in my upper stomach. it hurts all the way around like i've over done it wouldn't mind but other than over doing it on sat i've spent lorts of time relaxing and chilling out.... anyone got the same sort of pain? is it normal. its extremely uncomfortable bordering on crying type of pain. someone told me it could be baby growing but it feels awfully high for that. tried eating to see if it was that but didn't help.


  • When I was pregnant with my first, I got really painful cramps right at the top of my bump that would last a few minutes and then ease. The mw told me it was just heartburn or braxton hicks or growth pains - she didn't really seem to know!!! But all was fine and my daughter arrived safely a few months later. Sorry to hear you having trouble - give your mw a call if you are really worried but unfortunately pains and strange aches are part of the deal! Try not to worry xxx
  • thanks girls thinks its where i braced myself whilst walking downhill on slippery paths, your body forgets it has an extra thing inside to tense around and the muscles ache for longer and harder after! why can't they grit the pavements too! i'll be walkingon the road 2moro to see if it makes a difference. muscles are starting to relax as bit now. not so painful
  • Sounds a bit like indigestion, is it just below your ribs?

    I had crippling pains just below my ribs and thought there was something wrong so I went to the doctors and they told me it was indigestion. But honestly I have never felt a pain quite like it, it took my breath away I had to sit on my knees and fold over while hubby rubbed my back.

    Try and drink some warm water and not eat anything too stoggey like (no bread etc) a warm bath helps. It's because the pregnancy hormones slow down your digestive system and cause this to happen.

  • - I remember it well! Kept being told it was indigestion or heartburn but it was completely crippling! Still find it hard to believe that all that pain was the result of a bit of indigestion. The pain I had was just under my ribs too and as CazA said, it was really painful and had to just try to ride it out till it passed!
    Sorry that's not very helpful is it?!? Hope you feel better!!
  • I get that when I walk around after sitting down for ages, or when I've been sitting awkwardly it's like my belly compresses up and then seizes when I try and move.
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  • lol i have had horrendous indigestion b4 but this was purely muscular! my stomach muscles are not exactly what you call tight so it felt like i had done a hundred sit ups and it hurt not just at teh front but all the way around it was wierd and painful. it seems to have eased off completely just have a niggle on the r/s under ribs but know thats refered pain from back so not worrying about it! hope all is well with every one. image
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  • You need to get those burps out ladies! I suffer with IBS so I feel your pain - its almost like someone is crushing your ribs - I find a good burp and you are back on track. Could be consipated too - thats very common and extremely painful - try fibregel works a treat (but I warn you it does have a strange texture!!)

    Take care all xx
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