to shy to ask but here goes

this is a little bit embrassing to ask this but just wondered if you girls get the same thing

my dh and i had sex on saturday (me on top) cause bubs sticks out lol

but since then bubs has not moved very much i know its meant be safe and everything but just wondered if anybody else has had the same.



  • Dont worry hun as baby will go through spells of moving alot and not moving. How far along are you? Depending on how far you are baby will respond to light/sound and touch so you could try things like playing loud music to your bump, putting something really cold on your bump or just lying in the bath and splashing the water over. That should get it moving. If you have any concerns though phone MW and get a wee check up.
    Hope you get a boot in the ribs soon!
    take care
  • eat sum chocolate the sugar in it gets the baby moving i had to do this on my 4d scan as she wouldnt move her arm away from her face lol
  • I had the opposite- Lily went mad after we had sex and I felt like she was letting me know she knew what I'd been up to lol!

    If you're worried about lack of movement see you mw but Lily tended to only move at certain times of the day- maybe it just happened to be a quiet time for your baby.

    Oh yeah, eating ice cream used to get her moving and was a great excuse for me to get stuck into a big tub of ben and jerry's!
  • I once read that the endorphins that you release during sex can send the baby to sleep for ages. Not sure how true it is, but might explain lack of movement.

  • When my first baby was not moving they always made me drink an ice cold class of water. That will work. xxx
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