fao of mummys with more than 2!

Hi ladies just a quick question.

I had a very easy labour with baby no1, labour lasted 10 hours and i cant really remember being in much pain. Is it true the 2nd labour is uaually easier and quicker? x :\?


  • hi hun i wouldn't say the pains any better and i think the after pains are supposed to be worse second time round mine were but everyones labour and pain is differant i would say it was defo quicker second time round though xx xx

    on baby no3 xx5+1xx
  • i agree, the pain is pretty much on the same level but i found my second labour flew by, i did most of my dialating at home and from start to when baby was out was around 3 or 4 hours, bliss compared to my first birth which ran into the 25 hour mark.


  • Hey hun, my 1st labour was 9 hours, 2nd labour was 2 hours, so much quicker. But yes the after pains get worse with each baby! I'm hoping that this labour is even quicker, but am reeeeally not looking forward to the after pains! The pain of the labour was the same though, if anything the 2nd labour was more painful because it was so intense, but it was over quicker so didnt seem so bad if you know what i mean xx
  • hi hunn i agree with the others about the pain its about the same my after pains were worse with my 1st though didnt get many with my second (or maybe its because i knew what they were no one warned me 1st time round felt like labour all over again) my 1st labour was 3 hours my second about 45 mins so was deffo quicker i am more worried about labour this time as they say 3rd time is an oddball labour where you never know whats gonna happen
    claire x
  • hi
    ye my second labour was very quick just as painful only at hospital 45mins and gave birth only awake 2hrs before the pains woke me 3rd was also very quick im awaiting no4 due tomorrow and im a bit worried that i got off lightly the last 2 times ill have to wait and see xxxxxx

    good luck xxxx
  • my first pregnancy i was in labour for 4 1/2 hours on this pregnancy i dialated much quicker but cos i had a epidural this time it lasted 6 1/2 hours to deliver my twins and i cant comment on the pain cos i didnt feel any with the daddy of all drugs,the after pains for me was about the same but i would say cos i did have the epidural it made the labour harder cos i couldnt feel the contractions and couldnt get enough humph behinde the push
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