Advice needed.

Hi ladies ive had a bit of a crap weekend theres this boy who thinks hes 10ft tall and is the biggest bully in our area,well hes decided that my son is his next target so he gets a freind of my sons to beat him up yesterday,now my son is 3st7lb is 11 in april and has special needs but love him he hit back.
Well last night i have a mouthful of abuse from this kid and his mates whilst i was out getting a chinese meal only live a stones throw away.
I did loose my temper because the way he was speaking to me was disgusting i wouldnt speak to an adult like it now!!!
Anyway this afternoon i was chatting to my stepdad when here he comes hes only 11 by the way and he starts shouting and balling fing and bing and giving me the 2 fingers i tried to remain calm but i was absoloutely fuming so i went to the police station,now i know this boys mum and was going to deal with it in the morning at school but couldnt wait till then incase i made the matter any worse,so now i have had the police involved im wondering if ive overreacted i dont think i have and will still speak to the boys mum in the morning but maybe i should have spoken to her first before going to the police any advice ladies?What would u have done?:\?


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