Cold Remedies :(

Hello Ladies,

I am suffering,,,,,badly this Xmas! I was wondering if you ladies had any remedies you could share with me? What with not being able to take anything it just isnt shifting.....which can't be helping peanut! I suffer from asthma quite badly and have to take a steroid inhaler daily as it is......I want to be Well!!

Hope you've all had a lovely Xmas image xxx


  • I have got a cold too, you can get eucalyptus crystals, I got them from my doctor, you put a few crystals in hot water and inhale the steam, it helps clear your nose and ears a bit.
    For a sore throat try lemon and honey in hot water. I can't stand honey so I add some squash to hide the taste, if nothing else the hot drink makes you feel better.
    You can have halls soothers, they are basically sweets there is nothing in them that you can't have.
    Other than that paracetomal, LOTS of water and plenty rest is the only other thing you can do.
    Sorry its not much help, it can't be pleasant to have a bad cold as well as athsma, I have been struggling to catch my breath as it is, I bet its awful for you!!!
    I hope it gets better soon! Don't worry though bubs won't know a thing, he/she may be a little quiter than usual, I have found when I am not feeling right Stewie goes very quiet like he is giving me a rest!
  • CharlieGirl had exactly the same thing for a couple of weeks, but improved loads in the last couple of days...still have annoying cough though. I too am asthmatic which limits what you can take, even without the pg so it is pretty miserable. I used paracetamol, and also found lemon fruit teas with honey quite good, plus warmed apple juice with cinammon.

    Hope you feel better soon and make sure you do your peak flows to make sure that breathing doesn't drop too much. xxx
  • i have had the worst cold/flu the past week, from the pharmacist there is a natural decongenstant rinse for your nose thats is safe not sure what its called sorry, as well as albas oil thats i have been reeking of yum!!

  • hi charliegirl, I'm asthmatic too and have had a horrible cold/sinus infection - i've steamed with olbas oil and also with vicks. the pharmacist also told me about a nasal spray i could use but i just couldn't face it. i found having a little olbas oil on a tissue helped. Oh, and hot ribena and paracetamol.
    it might be worth talking to you dr too as i've had to change my asthma meds as my steroid inhaler wasn't helping and i was very wheezy.
  • Thanks Girls.
    Miss Impatient, was really worried about bubs to be honest, I just cant seem to eat much either at the moment and so worried that bubs isnt getting what he needs. If its not one thing to worry about its another! Thanks for all your tips, I've just had a nice hot honey & lemon, am feeling slightly better today, just got a real headache/pain at mo image. Oh well, Just wish my ear would un-block! Hope you all feel better soon image xxx

  • you can have halls menthols, soothers, olbas oil, vicks, there is a nasal spray out there you can take, and you can take boots own 'lemsip' as it contains nothing but paracetamol and vit c (or thats all it had when i was preg!)

    I also spoke to my gp and found you can take veno's cough medicine.
    you can have glycerol cough med as well.

  • You will have plenty of stores for baby to use up while you are not feeling up to eating. I know its a crap comparison but think how many people out there drink, smoke and eat nothing but mcdonalds throughout pregnancy and their babies are fine, you not eating for a couple of days won't do any harm!
    Glad you are feeling a little better today! Blocked ears are the worst part of having a cold!!
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