Hi girls, im 4/5 weeks today (i think i ov'd a week late so af would have been due today) and have got my BFP but earlier today i had a tiny amount of brown spotting and a bit on tissue when i wiped but then gone. Is this anything to worry about or probably just implantation? xxx


  • Hiya lilylou,
    This does sound a lot like an implantation bleed to me! Try not to worry about it, but mention it to the doctor when you go and if it gets any heavier then get it checked out. Good luck, and congratulations on the bfp!!!
  • Thanks faith, it is still there but a lighter shade today but not v much at all. If still there 2moro i may go to docs but i was talking to my mum earlier and she had it at 5 and 6 weeks with both me and my sister so hopefully its ok. xxx
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