ECV: anyone had a good experience with this?

Hi ladies

Went to see midwife yesterday and she thinks that baby is breech (again) and has made an appointment for me at the hospital antenatal clinic on Wednesday (I will be 37+3 then). They will do a scan and obviously look at which way up baby is. If he is breech she started talking about ECV. I know what it is and what it involves, but have only read really not good things about it, e.g. only works 60% of the time, it can cause fetal distress and that it hurts, etc. At the moment, I really don't want to have this procedure done and will probably say no if they ask. I just wondered if I'm only getting one side of it though. So, has anyone had a good experience with this??



  • Obviously not then!! I guess that's answered my question lol.

  • it's worth a try. If it doesn't work or causes too much discomfort tell them to stop!!! but I think it's worth trying. x x x

  • hiya floopy, i asked this a couple of weeks back, i was thinking this to, my mum had the ecv with me (i was breech) she said it hurt and as soon as she got off couch i turned right back!! ive heard in some areas the success rate is a low as 30% depending on doctor! theyre not 100% on my bubs pos, they think hes head down, but ay need scan like u, i dont really want the evc, prob dnt help but thought id post bumpee xxxx
  • Start going on all fours for a while each day there is still a chance baby can move - worth a chance.

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