When did your sickness stop?!

Hi, I'm just over 12 weeks pregnant and was just curious as to when everyone else's sickness stopped.

I just seem to be feeling worse and i had expected to start feeling better soon. In one way i can't wait for the day i wake up feeling normal but then it also reassures me slightly that the baby is still growing etc,,, because i feel ill !



  • Hi mine started at about 7 weeks and stopped at about 17 weeks. I found it worse when I didnt eat enough. Ginger biscuits and flat coke helped mine a bit.
  • im afraid mine has never stopped, im now 35 weeks image i have good days and bad days with it still, last week i was being sick all day whereas this week its is only first thing when i get up! i think it stopped for a few weeks around weeks 18-20 but then decided to come back, most peoples seems to have stopped by week 20 - unless u are an unlucky person - i ended up going on maternity leave earlier than i wanted because of it, was taking so much out of me, i have been told bad pregnancy equals great baby so heres hoping image
  • Hello, mine eased off abit from 24/7 sickness and vomiting around 23 weeks, then came back but nowhere near as bad about 4 weeks ago (am 36+2 now). Not actually being sick now, just nauseous. Think some of my early sickness was stress related though with my job. Starting work later in the day helped, and putting hugo boss on my clothes so it could overpower other smells which made me sick helped. Couldnt eat though and found the smell of ginger really made me ill, but loads of the girls on here find it really helpful so it's worth a try. xxx
  • This time it stopped at around 14/16 wks. But last time round I was lucky and it was over by 10. With my first I never got ne. Just shows that every pregnancy is so different! x x x
  • Thanks for your replies everyone.

    Guess its just a case of waiting and seeing then. I know i'm very lucky to be expecting but feeliing ill is quite draining.

    I tend to feel better if i do eat but find it hard to think of what to eat! Tonight i just had a bowl of mash!!

  • With my first I started feeling queasy at about 7 weeks, and was hoping it'd stop by 12 weeks but it carried on until 16 weeks. Now only at 8 weeks with baby no 2, and have been feeling icky again since week 7. Wasn't sick last time, and so far so good this time! I find if my tummy gets too empty I feel worse, so I have to eat regularly.
  • Hey,

    I was sick until about 16 weeks, I went on holiday and it seemed to stop while I was away. Although i'm 35 weeks now and it has returned image

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