Help just had show @ 34 weeks!

Hi all

I just found a lump of jelly (bigger than a ??2 coin) and I am getting worried. I rand the hospital and they said until membranes rupture or contractions start I shouldn't go in. But I forgot to tell them that I have been warned not to have contractions as I have had 3 previous sections. I watched Mrs Johnstones labour saga and her show came weeks b4 labour didn't it? Does it mean baby is coming soon? I have never had a show b4. I have no idea what to do and hubby's work isn't answering the phone. He is my voice of reason. I'll take some deep breaths and calm down. Any advice would be great. Oh my mw is away for 2 weeks so she is no help at the moment. Good timing!!

Thanks Kris


  • hey hun ur show can happen anytime and it doesn't necessarily mean baby is coming, try not to worry, just try and get plenty of rest and take it easy x
  • hey, i had my mucus plug (a jelly like show) at 32 wks and i have been losing even more scince then but i am still here and i am now 36+5!!
    i was told not to be worried about losing ur mucus plug as it can regenerate itself but if you start to have bloody shows or regular contractions then i would ring the hossi or mw!!
  • try not to worry too much..... i had my show at 36 wks, and my baby is still well and truely snug inside i'm now 40+3!

  • Yes dont worry hun - i was told a show can appear weeks before labour will start. I didnt even have one but had my baby at 36wks and she was a healthy 5lb 10oz.

    Anna & Bethany (17days old)
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