Selling on ebay

Hi all Id just like to let you know im selling some baby stuff on ebay, mainly clothing and alot of it brand new so if you get bored and fancy a nose about then please look up my stuff, you never know you may just find something your looking for!

My member name is sammyleigh2008



  • Hiya,

    Its lovely stuff - have put loads on watching so I can show oh when he comes home from work! Its getting harder and harder to hide the packages coming from ebay lately lol

    Find it much easier to show him what I want then cry when he says no lol!!!! Gets much the same result hahahaha
  • Oh so thats YOU watching my items haha image well im glad you like the items, they are all in great condition, id never sell any tatty stuff (as you can see by my feedback, which im very proud of hehe)

    Like you im an ADDICT of ebay and my postman asks me all the time if i am doing dodgy dealing :O the cheek of it!
  • Today is a good day for me to do this - just got extremely hormonal and upset trying to get him bloody tickets to take our 6 yr old to go and see Queen in October! Will just burst into tears and say "but I booked your tickets sob sob" HEY PRESTO!!!

  • oooo you are a very clever mummy lol and tactical! I LIKE it!
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