Palmers cocoa butter massage cream

Has anyone used this? I normally use their standard body lotion but thought I'd try this. Is doesn't smell like their lotion and I wonder if its old stock as it smells out of date. Just wanted to check before I take it back xx


  • hi i was usin this producted but everytime i used it, i was reallly itchy drove me crazy. it does have a weird smelll to it.
    i also have major marks i wanta cry Tori (31+6) XxX
  • Hi girls, I started off using Palmers but it made me itch too so I switched to using Bio-Oil twice daily from the second trimester. I'm due next Tues and (touch wood!) have no stretchmarks so far so I'd def recommend the Bio-Oil instead xx

  • Thanks ladies, I love the cocoa butter lotion as it smells sooo good but the massage cream is horrible and really sticky.

    Yum Yum- I have some bio-oil but haven't used much yet was waiting til I get a proper bump! But I'll definately be using it. Thats great that you haven't got any stretchmarks. Bet you can't wait to meet your lo next week, how exciting!!

  • like you i have always used the body cream after shower or bath. i brought the stretch one when i found out i was pg and iv have been fine all the way through it does smell different and i found it to be a diffrent texture to but i do recommend it but it may be because im immune to their products !!!

    ps the sheer gloss stuff is fab if you want to look glam with dressy outfits if your feeling a bit fat and flabby!!
  • Thanks jema x
  • Good luck with avoiding strechmarks ladies.
    I used Bio-oil and had not one mark until 31 weeks then they came, and i mean they came. i'm covered in them, on my boobs, my stomach and even my sides! i think it depends on your skin type and how much weight you put on if your gonna get them your gonna get them. Erin is 6mnths old now and they have faded alot but i can still see them, i'm not worried this time around as i dont see how i can end up with more than i have, but i will continue to use the bio-oil
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you all. x x
  • I've used palmers massage cream through both of my pregnancies (got 2 yr old and 37 weeks pregnant). Touch wood, i haven't got a single stretchmark so far! It is a bit sticky, but it soon absorbs. My friend was using it, then switched to Bio-oil cos it was on offer and she is now covered in stretchmarks. Think its prob best to stick to one brand. Hope all goes well. Love rachel XXX
  • hi
    i used palmers during day and then the bio oil at night as the oil is pretty greasy. i used these religiously since 6wks, applying at least twice a day, im now 31wks and have stretchmarks already image like erinsmummy says - its just a combination of skin type, genes and luck whether you get them or not!!
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