Sorry TMI, but blood in vomit

Hi all, really sorry TMI but i have sickness all through the day - nothing's working and i'm trying everything, honest :\).
Now, just vomited again and there was blood in it. Could it just be that i've been sick so much i've pulled something?
Do i need to worry? :\?

Thanks xx
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  • dont panic it is from wreching so much i had hypremisis until 22 weeks and was sick several times an hour !! if it is so bad you really need to speak to your gp and mw, but its nothing to worry about x

    chloe 35+5
  • Thanks hun, i knew i needed a bit of reassurance, still can't help worrying though.
    Oh God, the sickness is just awful but i'm hoping i haven't' got long to go and i may wake up one morning feeling full of life.
    Or is that just a myth?!! :lol:

  • well for most it does just go and for some lucky ones overnight mine has come back but not as bad, but they do say its worse when carrying a girl which i am, so maybe there is some truth there, but if you explain to a gp or mw they can give you medication to help ease the sickness, there are plenty of diffrent ones and it is uusally ttrial and error as to wehich one will work for you but you dont need to suffer, take care get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids xx
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