FAO : Dottie_Pottie

Hey Dottie,

Was everything alright last night? or did the abusive texts come once he had gone to the pub?

If they did make sure you keep them and write them down to show the police or solicitors, thats what I had to do when I got an injuction taken out against a guy from an old job who was stalking me.



  • hi,
    Ive just posted a note letting everyone know what happened and what I have had to do this morning. I cant thank you all enough for your support. How did things work out at home last night?
  • It's seems to be all good at home, I told him not to apologize as I wouldn't accept it as sorry means nothing if you are going to do it again. So he said he wouldn't do it again and hopefully he means that image

    I will have a nose at your other post and reply there

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