im new

hi all i just found out this morning that i am pg so im moving over from the trying for a baby site to the preganacy site just wanted to say hi too you all.

just wondered if anyone had stomach cpains when first pg as i am having pains and a bit worried




  • Hi and Congratulations on the good news.

    I remember having period like pains during the first few weeks, so don't think it is anything to worry about.

    Good luck and hope all goes well
  • Hi hun... was following you and some of the others in ttc forum........ CONGRATULATIONS..... at last hun!! xx
    I wouldnt worry about period pains, as long as you arnt bleeding with the pain it is very common and normal..... I had them till I was about 14 weeks, its just your hormones and body adjusting.
    Good luck with everything hun
    caz xx

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  • i was told the pain is implantation pain so just where the lo is settling into your womb and getting a grip so they don't get lost so easily image still get twinges and i'm 7+1 weeks I'm assuming the twinges (sharp pains) are just my baby growing and stretching thing that aren't used to being stretched like using your muscles arfter being asleep for a very long time its all achy and stiff till it stretches out a bit more image
  • congratulations on ur pregnancy hun, i had period type pains early on too, its normal so try not to worry (impossible as it is)xx
  • Hi, congratulations on your BFP! Don't worry about the period type pains, I had them until around 12 weeks its just your uterus stretching. Unless you are in real pain it is nothing to worry about.
    Try and relax and enjoy your pregnancy, although paranoia seems to be one of the biggest problems with us pregnant ladies! lol!

    Liz x
  • hey congrats hun, i had them with my lo so dont worry about it, wish i had a bfp, second month of trying with my 2nd, gd luck with your pregnacy, its the best thing in the whole world xx
  • Congratulations, I don't get pains all the time just when I sneeze or cough unexpectedly then I get quite sharpe pains. I'm not to worried tho coz I had this last time and gave birth to a health lil boy, and it lasted until bout week 12. Kerry x
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