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ok, think i am in labour but unsure!?
my stomache keeps goin rock hard and gets painfull, are these contractions?


  • ooh yes def contractions, how far aprt are they any other signs? x
  • when are you due? do you have any periody pains with it? when i had my LO i started off with extremely achy legs and strong period pains, contractions vary person to person, mine were all in my back.
    good luck hunny x
  • oooh good luck!! x
  • good luck hunni xxx
  • It might be - but sounds more like Braxton Hicks to me? My tummy went really hard when I had them with 1st lo. I knew when I was in labour and having 'real' contractions, they were differenent. But as someone esle says - everyone is different. when are/were you due?
  • i think it may be labour hun, you need to time them and see if there is a regular pattern and if the pain is getting worse, braxton hicks shouldnt be painful thay can be a little uncomfortable, but it is unusual for them to be regular good luck anyway xx

    baby number 4 34+3
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