Pregnancy test lines ? ?

I've just done another test just over a week after finding out my bfp. Quite disappointed cos although it's a bit darker it's not as dark as the other line that always shows up first. Thought that after a week it would be really dark. So far i've done 5. One digital, 2 sainsburys (noy very dark) & 2 first response(one very faint, 1 darker.

Does this mean my hcg levels aren't rising properly and theres a problem or has anyone else had faint lines and still had a successful pregnancy?



  • I wouldn't worry- if theres a line at all then its a posative. I don't think theres a problem with your HCG levels either.

  • HI
    My lines were never very prominent and i was testing for about a week too. Never even got a positive result from the first response tests and am now 6 wks away from having my first baby x
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