Glad its all over!

Hi pregnant ladies,
I dnt mean to sound like a scrouge but I'm so glad the xmas and new year period is all over. It means now we can all luck 4ward to the new year and all the little wonders that will be arriving. Dnt get me wrong I enjoy a good party along with everyone else but I now feel like I can relax a little more and get on with my pregnancy. Happy new year to eveyone, is anyone glad to see the end of xmas and new year? Kerry xxx


  • I know what you mean though - nice that the palaver is over and all the cooking smells are gone for a while! I'm really glad to be able to say I'm detoxing as a reason for not drinking - everyone believes that one! We've got the 12 week scan on 23rd so -fingers crossed- telling everyone after that. The festive season's been a nightmare for making rubbish excuses and ducking out of fun things cos I'm sick or tired.

    We have had a lovely xmas but NYE without booze is just not the same - telly was kak and I did well to stay up til midnight! image

    Happy new year! xx
  • Yeah I know what you mean. There was nothign on telly. And for some reason my body clock is changing and i'm staying up most of the nights now. Not sure why. But now my baby will be here within the next 5 months

    I cant wait
  • Glad im not the only one then xxx

  • I know I keep thinking about what next xmas will be like, gutted though because all the lovely clothes ive bin buying throughout the year prob wnt fit me, as Im one of these mums who really struggles to shift baby weight. Id only just got back to my pre-preg weight wen I found out I was pregnant agen, and my son was 14mths old. Kerry xxx

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