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Please please Help they say my dates are wrong!

I have been bleeding. Have had a scan and movement was detected however scan showed baby to be less than 6 weeks instead of over 8 weeks like dates suggest.

Has anyone else had this?


  • They say the most accurate time for dates is between the 10-14week scan time
  • i had an early scan at what by lmp was 7weeks, the scan came back that i was only 5 weeks, which was impossible as that then worked out that i got my bfp the day i ov'd!!! anyhoo by the time my 12week scan came around there was only a couple of days different between lmp and scan dates (lmp made me 13+2 and this scan made me 13+0)...the earlier the scan the more innacurate it is as the tiniest bit of a milimetre out can change ur dates considerably (the most accurate being between 10-14wks). please don't worry about it, its quite common as its most likely down to a mismeasurement.xx 28+2
  • Ditto, I was measured at 6+6 when I should've been 8. Measurements at such an early stage aren't accurate which is why they wait for 12 weeks to date you. At my 12 week scan I was back to bang on dates for my last period and was told to ignore the previous two scans, which they said were to check for 'viability' as opposed to dates. I know its hard but please try not to worry, bleeding is more common than most people realise and as long as its not heavy and there's no pain its not normally anything to worry about.
    Good luck
    19+5 x
  • Thank you so mcuh Ladies, that is really reassuring

    Thank you again, Lilies XX
  • I found t the 12 week scan i was a week further on than my lmp dates but i think thats about the maximum your dates are normally out so at this early stage just go with your lmp dates until your 12 week dating scan.
  • At my 12 week scan with DD they put my date back 12 days from 18 August to 30 August. She arrived on 30 August.
  • i've had 3 due dates! From my first docs appointment I was 5 weeks. Then I had two early scans where they said I was about 2 weeks less then that. When I had my 12 weeks (after telling me to put it back 2 weeks) They said I was 13weeks! Very confusing!

    So I've been due on 15th March, 27th March and now 20th March! Think I'm just gonna be pregnant forever! x
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