advice needed please vaginal discharge


i done a pregnancy test yesterday and it was positive i have had some brown discharge like fluid. i am about 7 wks pregnant. Is this normal please ?????:\?:\?


  • Brown is a good sign as it is old blood, could just be where the baby is burrowing in! If it becomes heavier or you are in any pain at all then give your GP a call.
    Congrats on your pregnancy xx
  • I had this about the same time and everything was fine, but you need to speak to early pregnancy unit at your hospital for advice as if they think it needs to be checked over they will get you to go in. x
  • i wouldnt say its normal but i had it at 7 weeks and 12 weeks but i bled at 12 weeks which was frightnening u should be fine aslong as it is just brown if u get any bright red go and get it checked hun xxx
  • thankyou, and thanks for your advice as i dont have my midwife appointment unitl march for booking in
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