What's good to buy at a nearly-new NCT sale?

I want to get some stuff new, but can anyone recommend what would be good to get at one of these - what areas did you try to save on? (i've never been to one of these, so I don't know what the quality is like)
Thanks x


  • Hi there, ive been to a local NCT sale the other weekend and got some good bargains.

    I got a girls fleecy winter coat (a Ladybird make) with lovely little mittens to match for ??4! Absolutely immaculate condition. Also, I got a bundle of 8 Next vests (so gorgeous) for a few quid. I got a lovely baby sleeping bag in its original packaging etc. (cant remember the price now). I found the quality of the stuff i bought is quite good and you obviously wash all the clothes etc. before they are used.

    My mum also picked me up a lovely moses basket inc. stand at another NCT sale which i couldnt get to.

    At another local sale (not an NCT sale), i got a baby bath for ??2 and a changing mat for a few quid and a really good quality baby bouncer chair for ??6.

    Good luck bargain hunting!!



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