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For those of you who have followed my long and arduous joruney through married life I thought I would update you with what seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ever since we had our problems last week and he gave me the whole "I think we should have some time apart" schpeal we managed to sit done and talk like adults last thursday (we decided to take a day off to sort things out). Then yesterday I still had loads of stuff on my mind so I wrote him a letter (as I stuggle getting what I mean out of my mouth for some reason) I left it by the front door for him when he got home from work and went and had a nap. Later on he came into the bedroom and layed down with me, I pretended to be asleep still lol and I could hear him crying behind me, eventually when I thought I had faked sleep enough I turned round and asked him what was wrong and he apologised for making me feel like shit and that he didn't realise he had been so mean, I said that I didn't want an apology and that I just wanted a loving supportive husband which is what I thought I deserved and he agreed, he didn't mention the letter but I knew it was that that had made he come and say sorry.

So there you are, hopefully the future looks a bit brighter now for us and I just wanted to say thank you for the advice you ladies gave me (especially Dottie_pottie)



  • Caz,
    No need to thank me, just glad everything is getting sorted out and things are working out for you. I must admitt when I saw your heading I thought oh no.
    Keep your head up and smiling
  • I thought about the heading after I had written it lol and it doesn't really reflect the actual thread image

    Hows things with you?

  • hi,
    Im ok, he was served with the injection from the courts yesterday which means no more nasty texts. His mum is upset with me but I cant handle his nasty texts etc.
    I didnt have a very good apt at the hospital last thursday, I had thought they might have given me a date for my c section but I didnt see my normal consultant and the one I did said their was no reason why I couldnt have a natural birth. I have both bartholin and anal cysts, which is why I ended up in hospital when 30 weeks for a few days just incase they burst! I have arranged to go and see my normal gy consultant and see what he says. Ive also got the midwife tomorrow afternoon who is new so that should be fun!
  • Well at least you have got him off your back now and he probably understands how serious you are as well.
    Sorry to hear about the hospital/mw etc I seem to hear nothing but bad things about them at the mo, its making me nervous lol

  • this consultant is the only "unfriendly" person Ive come across so far - so maybe Ive been lucky. Ive just court my eye on what I put about the ex "injection" instead of injunction - shame I wish he had had the injection!
  • I did see the "injection" and thought it was quite funny but chose not to mention it as I knew what you meant lol.

    I have actually had no bad experiences yet but am worried I will. The hospital I am giving birth in came "least well performing" the other day so I'm a bit twitchy about it even though I have never had any problems there at all.

    I'm going to book a 4d scan today for when I'm about 27 weeks as I showed hubby pics of how the look and both of us really want to get one done image I'm quite excited but 27 weeks seems so far away seeing as I'm only 19 weeks now.

  • and yet it seams such along time ago for me. Im 32+4 and the weeks cant go past fast enough, everyone I speak to is saying where is the year going to and all I can think off is hurry up. I am going to look at a nursery on friday afternoon! ??145 per week!!!!!!!!
  • Bloody hell thats a lot of money.

    We are lucky really as my parents are giving me some money so I can stay at home for 10 months after baby has arrived and then I am hoping to work from home the majority of the time. I have considered registering as a childminder but I think I want to concentrate on my own child rather than lots of other peoples.

  • its a good job on sunny days he will be able to sit in his pram outside a stable!
    lol horsesitter service................
  • Just gaffer tape him on top of one of the well behaved horses and all will be fine, don't worry about health and safety its all a load of B*****ks lol our bubby will be horse riding before he/she can walk.

    Do you ever worry that you are going to be a pushy parent? I worry about the stupidest thing lol but my parents weren't very pushy and basically let me run wild so I didn't do particularly well until I moved into the working world so I am keen to help bubby be good at school and encourage them to do sports they enjoy etc (for example my dad never came to watch me ride as it "wasn't really his thing") I want to be there, but I'm scared that I will end up one of those awful mothers who becomes pushy and does stuff like standing on the edge of the football pitch shouting things like "TAKE HIS LEGS OUT!!" and "KILL HIM" lol.

  • Tell me about it! I am really lucky as I worked for Matchmakers international who own Harry hall totty caldeen and still have alot to do with them, along with the fact that my sister is law also works for them and is going to be the new sales director in April, when hutchi retires. She has already got him some jodpurs and one of the suppliers is making a new design of caldeen riding jacket for kids so she has asked them for size 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I went to watch two of my godsons play rugby the other week and nearly had a stand up row with the games teacher as he told them it was "the taking part" that counted!!!!!! stupid man its "the winning that counts"
  • Lol thats exactly what I'm like image
    The thing is I can't stand pushy parents so just don't want to end up like one, I want to be one of those who encourages and is always there to support but never pushing. Although I know what will really happen I'll get far too involved like I do with everything and become the mum from hell!!
  • Hiya ladies,
    Sorry to interupt but CazA am really pleased things are going well for you and you and hubby can start afresh!
    Dottie Pottie - well done for having the strength to go through with the injunction. Respect to you!!!!
    Love Lee
  • im so happy for you babe, and i think it might not be a bad idea. as you know me and j split to have time apart because i couldnt take anymore of not knwoing where i stood with him. well its family night tonight where everyone comes to ours and i said i would come for evening (as have ben at friends since breaking up) and i promised i would cook my famous stew so didnt want to break promise just cause me and j are having bad times get me?

    im thinking maybe i should write a letter too or even just print a page from my diary i keep on my computer that might help. xxxx
  • AAwwwwwwwww I'm glad you were able to sort things out. I have tears in my eyes for you!!!
  • Awwww thank you ladies you are all so sweet.

    I hope everything works out for you S-J

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