Haynes baby manual

Can anyone tell me where i can buy this from> Am looking as a last minute xmas prezzy for the OH and thought it be so funny to get him this, seen them on ebay but would rather go to a store and buy now. Also if any of you have this how much did it cost?

Thank you! xxx


  • I got mine from borders the book shop, I think places like WHsmiths and waterstones have them. I think it was about ??9 or ??12? I really can't remember, sorry I wasnt much help!
    Good luck in your hunt
    Amy xxx
  • hi i also got this for my husband, it is great (and i actually found it very good and much more informative than my own preg/baby book)...i got mine from ebay brand new, but also try amazon who i think also sell them brand new. they will prob deliver it next day or maybe 2 days since its chirstmas.
  • hi i ashould have said i think they are ??12 new, althought i got mine for about ??6 thanks
  • gort mine from amazon for about ??8 along with baby owners guide. both look good and funny it'll be the only thing he unwraps xmas day as he's already had his other prezzy early. mind you its more than he's got me!
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