Breast feeding - how it effects your boobs?

Hi. My mum has big boobs and reckons they got alot bigger when she was pregnant and stayed that way. But OH's mum has fried eggs and reckons her babys sucked the goodness out of them so they ended up smaller. I'd quite like to keep my boobs as they are or a little bigger so I'd like to find out if breast feeding and how long you keep doing it for can effect what your boobs end up like. Does anybody know anything about this or has anyone found a website about it?


  • hi i posted the same sort of thing a few weeks ago (if you could be bothered trawling back thru the answers) but basically the answers i got were that every one is different, some poeple said they stayed the same, some smaller and some bigger!! i have been worried about that too because there are only 2 people i know who have breast fed and both have very small ones now where they had reasoable ones before...i am an A cup normally and cant afford to go any smaller!!!! (enjoying my current C tho LOL)x
  • I think it depends on the woman - I have heard that it's pregnancy, rather than breastfeeding, that affects your boobs and makes them smaller/bigger...not sure why. And age, of course!

    My mum bottle fed me and my sister, and she has big boobs. My oh's mum bottle fed all her kids as well and had a breast enhancement a few yrs back cos I think after 4 kids her boobs weren't the same lol. My stepmum bottlefed as well and she has small it really does depend!

    I am bottle feeding prob anyways but I wouldn't worry about boob size, if u want to bf then go for it. Having said that you can have some of my boobs, there too big and I'm sick of them! x
  • hi mine stayed a cup size bigger after preg an bf however not as firm i dont think, hubby disagrees but he would! bf is wonderful i cant wait to do it all again!!! xx
  • Hi, I was an A cup before pregnancy & am now a DD cup (I only went up 1 dress size). My boobs just went crazy, I did breastfeed for 5 months and they only went down slightly when I stopped. They went mega just after I gave birth so I don't think breast or bottle would have made a difference. My mum BF me & my 2 sisters and her boobs have never gone down. Some say that if you bottle feed then your boobs can go saggy and empty.
    It just depends on your body.
    All my family/friends are amazed at how big my boobs went, just a shame I got loads of stretchmarks on them due to this.
  • I am defo gonna try to breast feed. I just wondered if how long I continue to breast feed could effect my boobs. I am quite happy with mine as they are but wouldnt want them to end up smaller if I can avoid it. I guess Ive got my mums genes on my side! image
  • I've breastfed all 3 of mine and am still feeding my 10 month old. They have been bigger after each time although I agree with hayleys1 that they are not as firm but then I am 37 now! I also agree that it is wonderful breastfeeding and although I had lots of problems with the first 2 with mastitis etc I finally got it right this time and it is easy and so enjoyable at last. Give it a go! xx
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