hiya everyone, whatit is im pregnant with my second baby, I had my scan yesturday everything was fine... but they couldn't tell me what the sex was as the lil darling had its legs clamped shut!!, I have a 18mnth old girl and still have lots of stuff from her , clothes ,blankets chairs ect, but I'm just writing a list as ill have to buy whte,cream and yellow I guess but my mind has gone mushy!!! i have got as far as nappies and babygrows I can't remember what I need and its as if threre is omethiong blocking me from finding out!!... anyway just want your help girls can u jog my brain as I know i need more than that jus cant think. xxx


  • i have been getting in my my stuff for a month or so now and i have have nappies, nappy sacks, wipes, bottles, dummies, steriliser, bath, baby bath bubble stuff, cotton wool, baby monitor, shawl, snowsuit, jackets, hats, socks, vests, babygrows, t shirts, tops, trousers, romper suits, shorts (incase summer is nice), moses basket, cot, swing, bouncing chair, sheets and blankets for basket and cot, travel cot (for grannies house). think that about covers it so far!!
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