Pram face babys? did anyone watch it?

Did anyone watch pram face babys last night? The lady who gave birth and was trying to find the babys dad all the way through really shocked me.

I told my oh half last night that if he wasnt answering his phone or texts when i was in labour i would never forgive him! Plus then the guy said he was too busy to come that night so he would see her the next day! I dont think so, if that was me he wouldnt have been coming at all!


  • I watched it and it was alot less shocking than I thought it would be, They all seemed like good loving parents when you saw them at home afterwards.

    The labours made me cry as I couldnt help but think that'll be me soon! I have way to many hormones, anyone else want some I have loads spare to share?

  • i watched it! i felt sorry for them, most of them seemed like they were having a baby, as they didnt have v good childhood and needed sum1 to love, it made me feel sad for them. i really did think tat afterwards they all seemed like they loved their kids though, did u see how many clothes that girl had for her baby!! ina suitcase,i thought i had alot lol xx
  • Nelli

    To be honest it wasnt that good, i thought it would show you all about there lives and stuff but it basically just showed you the labours. try its prob on there.

  • i saw it and i didnt think the labours seemed that bad it has kinda given me a bit of relieve as i am absolutely sh***tin myself about labour and the gas and air seemed quite good might have to try that lol

  • Yep, I saw about half of it.

    That 17 year old had loads of pink clothes in that suitcase. Ive only packed a few things for baby (being 2 vests, 2 sleepsuits, a few nappies and a blanket, cardigan and hat for going home). And when you saw her at home she had a massive heap of clothes too. I dont seem to have half as much as that. Mind you, I havent gone mad on the pink stuff in case our baby turns out to be a boy!
  • I Sky+ it! Going to watch it tonight! All I'm interested in is the labours so that's great! xxxx

  • Sez21

    Try and not get yourself worked up about the labour, believe me you forget everything once your little bundle of joy is handed to you.
    I tried gas and air and it made me really sick i couldnt stop being sick but it works really well for most people.


    Everybody buys you clothes when the babys born anyway so you dont really have to buy that much, my son is 18 month old now and i have got 8 bin bags full to the top of clothes that dont fit him andhes got a chester draws and a double wardrobe that are bursting at the seems. I'm having a girl this time so have to start all over again lol i wouldnt bother buying alot they dont stay in them for long enough.

  • i thought it was boring!! i have seen kizzy and i loved that and enjoyed watching that a lot more. xx
  • i watched it 2,funny!some of em were bit loud in labour werent they,scary!!
  • Hi all
    I thought it was ok...passed an hour anyway! They all seemed to handle the births very well & were very loving mums.
    One thing i picked up on was that the hospital has on average 22 births a day....22!!!!!!!!!! Hope my hospital isn't like that coz there's only 1 water birth room & i want it (v selfish but never mind)LOL!!
    Sarah xx
  • Hya i watched it and tho they was loving parents but like most of u girls said like they had a baby because there bad childhood and wanted a baby for love. I had my daughter when i was 14 she is 3 years old now and im expecting again i had a brill childhood and i think it made most young mums look bad x
  • higirls if it is labours you are intersted in. ON sky discovery health there are loadsof programmeson pregnancy and birth. they startabout 5 in the morning and go on till 9 they are called baby days, from here to maternity ,babys room , portland babies and student midwives . I watched them all while pregnant and stillwatch them now. I was watching about 3 births a day at one stage and i cried then and i cry now!!!! some people thought i was mad, but it just goes to show that a birth plan is great if everything goes smoothly but sometimes they mean jack shit and youjust have to go with the flow. i ended up having an emergency c section, but i think cus id seen so many on these programmes it didnt faze me at all, and i was really calm. There is nothing more magical than seeing a baby being born so if you are interested check these programmes out. There is also one called test tube babies which is haertwrenching if ever you have a i hate being pregnant day this is the one to watch as you realise how lucky you are. These programmes run every day till they finesh and then another one will take over so for example 4 out of the 7 will only be on at one time
  • I watch all these when i was having my little boy! i think i got a bit obsessive if im totally honest lol i've not got sky this time roung but thinking of getting it back just to watch them


  • Hey all

    I wached it too, But I read some on here and someone said how loud they were. I think I will be louder to be honest. I was shocked to see how well they handeled it. I am going for gas and air and from what I heard in antenatal. It's not as good as epidural. And they seem to sick the epidural praises!!! But I amnot having that at all. So I'm glad I saw that prgramme. made me feel a bit better about labour day.

  • i watched pramface babies and was pretty shocked at what the 1st girls mum said 'i expected her to be pregnant at 12'.......what?!?!?!? i love the baby shows on discovery h&h, i series link em all lol x
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