What's the latest on the craving front?

Well, creme eggs are still on the menu - but I've cut down to around 2 a day now - think they've finally run their course.

However, my latest is chip butties!!! Got to be in a white soft roll with tomato ketchup. I've bought loads of micro chips (not as good as the real thing of course, but no cooker or kitchen at mo) and need at least one a day. I had to stop myself having one for breakfast!image

What are the rest of you on these days?


  • Hi there!
    Its not a strange craving but i av gone through a box of nesquick since last night! i av never botherd wiv em before but i carnt live without them at the mo!!
    Take care
    Adele xxximage
  • sausage sandwiches with brown sauce MMMMmmmmmmmm!

  • mine used to be creme eggs too! but i dont have half has what i used to,now its strawberry nestle or yahoo milkshake. my oh keeps moaning coz he always has to keep going to the shop for milk! and i also love ovaltine drink. x
  • A bowl of Coco pops with loads of Ice cold milk! Mmmm... Ice cream, thick ice cream milk shakes, .... loving the dairy right now! x
  • I came home from Sainsbury's yesterday with 10 diferent kinds of cheese, Emmental, Edam, Chedder, dairly lee. Am loving it. Also ice cream, 4 different kinds but mainly obsessed with Ben and Jerry's Choc Fudge Brownie. Suz x
  • oh lol i'm still stuck on the mint thing! haha
  • 4 pints of milk a day!!need a cow soon. also anythin sweet particularly rhubarb (sp) crumble and custard!yum yum. xxx
  • chip butty woth battered sausage from chip shop, prawn cocktail crisps, cadburys hot chocolate drink and cheese and ham toasted sandwiches and i am constantly hungry gonna be the size of a house soon lol

  • Mini Eggs!! Until about a week ago I'd completely gone off chocolate since finding out I was pregnant, and I was a chocoholic before that!! Someone offered me some last week and since then I can't get enough of them!! Must stop though or I will be the size of a house!! xxxx


  • Chewy mints! For the past couple of weeks I've been completely addicted, I'm getting through multi-packs like you wouldn't believe. Just typing this is making me think about & crave them! I craved polos when I was expecting my daughter, & thought the mint craving had passed me by this time, but no!
  • McDonalds fries with ice-cream - lovely.

    mouthfull of fries and then lick of ice-cream at the same time. Had it on Saturday, am tempted to have it again today for dinner, but will try to be a bit more healthy.
  • icecream, (especially mint or strawberry) , nice cold jelly, pineapple pieces. I had an awful cravings for fruit gums/jelly babies, but that seems to be going now!
  • at the mo im on mashed up bannana on toast mmmmm and mint feasts but annoyed as u cant buy just the mint in a muti pack u have to have the chocolate ones and the mint ones so i eat all the mint ones and leave the chocolate ones for oh lol
  • Coleslaw Sarnies, I bloody love um! second fave is cheese and pickle sarnies.

    anything with stacks of carbs it seems!
  • a couple of weeks ago it was jam donuts - and anything sweet - cravings going now thank god or I think I'll get as big a house LOL
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