getting induced: waters broken and drip

i am getting induced on monday at 10 days over (unless i go into labour before then of course).

They said i am 2cm dilated just now so wont need the gel, they will just break my waters straight away and if that doesnt start labour they will use the drip. Can anyone tell me how long you are on the drip for? is it just until you are in good going labour? or are you on it for the whole labour?

i have group b strep so will also be on a drip for antibiotics for that, so dont really know how im gonna be attached to 2 drips !!

what is it like being on the drip?do the pains just all of a sudden start as soon as the drip is in you? they didnt really tell memuch and ive just to turn up on monday morning so am a bit anxious. How long were your labours with the drip? as it is meant to make it sorer faster does that mean a shorter labour or not really?

sorry for so many questions! but i am a bit worried i wont have much time to find out before hand and will be too scared to think stragjht to ask.

i was induced last time also, with the gel, which was enough, i was also 10 days over then, so im not thinking ill go into labour before monday but i guess you never know. i certainly dont feel any different.;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • bless you, guess your babies think your comfy and wanna stay in there. cant help u but dint want to r&r. it is gonna be a pain in arse having two drips in cos ive had an op and been attached to two drips, bit restrictive. could you maybe ask for a break in between? i did i had bloods and antibiotics and i asked for an hour of peace before they put new ones in. good luck honey xxxxx
  • Hi, saw your post so thought i would reply. I had the drip with my 2nd baby, after having 3 lots of gel which didn't work!!! My waters had broken but had no contractions.
    I won't lie, the drip does speed the contractions up and is more intense. The midwife can, to a degree control the drip to let more or less in to make you contract faster/slower. I HATE needles so did not have an epidural, the midwife did recommend it though.
    Lets say with all those drips you will need a couple of people with you if you need the loo. (not that you care when you are having contractions) LOL. My 1st natural labour was about 26hrs with the drip it was about 5 hours. You have to have an injection (which they did not tell me!!!) after you have delivered your baby to assist the delivery of the placenta, which the midwife helps with. I then had to stay on the drip for another hour and half for the drip to finish. You can still be mobile its just a little bit harder than normal. I hope that everything goes well for you.
    Good luck
  • I had the drip too. I was on it for the whole labour which was 47 hours. Not sure if I was meant to be or not but they were delivering 2 sets of twins at the same time I had my little girl so I wasnt given alot of attention! I had to have an epidural, the contractions were so intense and only 2 minutes apart from the start. Sorry if that isnt offering much comfort hun! Just do everything you can to get little one out, bounce on a birthing ball, eat curry and pineapple, have sex and I was told by someone that a g&t can help bring on labour!
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