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could I be pregnant????

Hi there,
I posted a forum the other day but thought I would do another as a follow up.

I am now a week late for my periods, and am normally as regular as clockwork.

From a few days after I ovalated I felt different, as if I was pregnant. Tried to put it out my head as darent believe it.

But my breasts have been feeling very heavy, senstive, sore, the lot, I am going to the toilet nearly every hour, I have been very tired, etc etc etc.

I done a pregnancy test a day after I was late and it was negative, I then done one Friday and as soon as weed on the stick it went straight postitive, then after it had done what it goes through it went to just a very faint line in the postitive,

I have then left it another few days and done another test but a different brand and it has came up negative.

I cannot get into the docs till 8th Sept, and it is making me doubt myself. I feel pregnant but god knows. When I was pregnant with my daughter it showed up straight away, so can only presume I am not.

Can anyone please shed some light on this or been in the same situation

Many thanks and take care xxxx


  • If you've had a pos test then i'd say you was, maybe the neg tests are less sensitive ones. Have you used a first response i think they are the most sensitive. Make sure u use first pee of the day and fingers crossed you are huni.
  • it may be that the test is not as sensitive although it could be you had a chemical pregnancy and that now the tests are negative AF could show,

    fingers crossed its good news x
  • thank you so much both of you. Fingers crossed xxx
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