Private Scans - ?????

Hi all,

I've read in a few threads on here about people paying to have scans done privately, the prices people mention seem to vary quite a lot as well. just wondered if anyone had any advice / suggestions where you can go to get these done cos i don't really know where to start looking.

thanx x x :\?


  • Look in the back of baby magazines they have loads of advertisement for them, or just google it. I google everything and usually find what im looking for, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx
  • HIya hunni
    Im having a private scan done at 16 weeks to find my babys sex, It cost me ??79 and its at babybond in manchester. (They have centres all over the uk and there prices seem reasonable)
    Luv Mikayla
    13+6 xxx
  • Hi Mikayla
    Where is this babybond, coz i live in manchester and wouldn't mind a 4d scan at around 26weeks. Kerry xxx
  • Hi Kerry, sorry to butt in! I live in Warrington and there's a really good place for 4d scans just off the M62, it's called Innervision and I had mine there (on the recommendation of 3 friends) and they were fab! I paid ??105 for the scan and a cd of about 25 pics, didn't go for the dvd as I couldn't see me watching it enough to warrant the ??50 and it was quite boring anyway as the babies seem to move in slow motion!
  • Hiya kerry the babybond in manchester is in chorlton x
  • Iya Girlz, Im havin a private scan next month to find out wht sex Bubs is its gonna cost ??50 n thts at my local hospital which is a Nhs hospital ! i have to go private for it cus they wht tell u the sex at 20wks !!
  • i had a 4d scan done today it cost me ??145 for a cd-rom with 30 pics on it, finding out sex of baby, 4 high quality photos in folder and 45min appointment and dvd of baby moving around.
    if you put in the serch bar private scans in your area im sure it will come up with some places.
    take care hun xxx

  • Woooohooooo!!

    OH just agreed that we can have a 4D scan done in Liverpool the one that clairabella75 recommended. Just searched web, that's the cheapest where you get the most for your money. It's 1hour 10 mins away from us so we'll make a day trip of it. I'm almost 18 weeks now we're getting it done at 27 weeks. We're leaving the sex as a surprise for the birth though - just want to get a sneaky peek of what baby looks like!! So exciting.

    We're having the ??140 one:

    ??????? 30 minutes (approx) scan time
    ??????? Sexing of baby if required
    ??????? DVD of approximately 20 minutes with music to watch again and share with
    loved ones at home
    ??????? CDrom containing all your images taken throughout your session
    ??????? 4 high quality glossy photographs of your choice

    Thank you so much for recommending it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hiya ladyGwen, My scan at babybond in chorlton is on the 4th feb and ill come straight on and post about it! As if it is good then ill be getting 4d scan done there too! x
  • Chorlton, great! That is only 10mins away from me I live in Baguley and thought I would have to travel miles away for one of these scans. Dnt no why, but to be honest I hadn't researched. Thanks Girls, Kerry xxxx

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