Noro virus gastroenteritis

Hi anyone else had this? I've also posted this in the Sept 09 forum.

I started with it 2nd Jan, got better for just under a week and been suffering with it since 7th jan. 4am 7th Jan my DH rushed me into A&E as I couldn't stand it anymore after being very ill all night.

On top of regular morning sickness, metallic taste and period pain type twinges, I have been sick to the point of blacking out and worst still chronic diarrhoea - which has been so bad I have passed loads of blood rectally that its more like stool in my blood than blood in my stool (Sorry TMI for most I know!)

Needless to say I have been feeling absolutely awful and off work since 7th jan. Thankfully I am at home, but I am constantly tired, no energy and thirsty all the time - probably dehydrated despite drinking lots of water and lucozade (at hospitals advice).

My doctor and midwife said that there shouldn't be any harm to the baby - thank god.

I'd love to hear from anyone else who has been in this situation - pregnant or not.
Feeling very sorry for myself at the moment.



  • My OH had this, he almost fainted and ripped the door off the bathroom cabinet stopping himself from falling! It was awful and his temperature was really high for days! Fortunately I managed to avoid it, 7 years of working in childcare and I am immune to everything!
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