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Anyone else got a runny nose?

Hi ladies, Does anyone else hav a runny nose and sneezing alot it started a wk b4 my AF and im 5+4 now. Just wondering really.



  • Yes! It's a common pregnancy "problem" I'm afraid. I am always really blocked up in the mornings, and I tend to have to blow my nose lots through the day.
  • i wish, im permanently blocked!!!
  • Hello,
    Yes I've had a stuffy nose all the way through my pregnancy too, starting right from the beginning. I've become one of those annoying people who breath really loudly! lol
  • It ranges from blocked to streaming running and has been for weeks now! I'm 16+6


  • yup, blocked one min, streaming the other then fine! Am 32+1 now and had it all the way through xx
  • I'v not had a streaming or runny nose (yet - I'm not counting out anything!), but it has been really stuffy.
  • Yep same here, been pretty much permanently blocked for about 3 or 4 weeks now and I get colds all the time anyway so there's just no let up!
  • I've had a bunged up beak image all the way through my pregnancy! image
    I've had a full on cold for the past 3 weeks too and just can't seem to shift it!..

  • Yeah my nose is runny now, and I have been getting nose bleeds (never had one before being preg). It is just because of the extra blood flow due to bubba! xx

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