need to vent anger - no pg related

:evil:Sorry but i HAVE to get this off my chest. I dont want to cause any offence to anyone though.

We bought our house brand new 2 years ago we have neighbours on both sides one of which is students who rent a 3 bed place. Ours and our other next door are 4 bed. Our problem is with these students and our main issue is there garden. We do over look there garden and its a fing mess. They have weeds about 2-3 foot high in the back its like a jungle which are now coming into our garden. Supermarket trollys in there back garden and the frount is completly overgrown. Last summmer my husband ended up mowing there frount lawn cos we got so fed up of it. My husband and I are both quite house and garden proud although are garden is quite low maintanance. We own our house outright which my husband has worked so hard for us to be able to do. I don't expect them to take as much pride as we do cos at the end of the day its not there home. They could at least try though as its so upsetting for us. Its a real eyesore not to mention it affects the value of our home. In the contract of sale that there landlord would of signed its does state that you have to maintain your garden to a reasnable and tidy standard. So my husband has pointed this out to them because we so sick of it and we got a snotty letter back from them. Saying they've been busy. Yes one of them is very busy gawping in at me when I'm cooking the dinner. Maybe i shouldn't be annoyed by this but I'm really pee'd off. I could go on and on but I have prob said more than enough.


  • Do you know who the landlord is? would you be able to get in touch with him/her?? Also the other thing you want to be careful of is what kind of wildlife might be attracted to an overgrown garden, rats, mice, etc... - May be try your local council too?
  • sorry Spedshaw must have typed my reply as you posted yours.
  • unfortunatly we don't know the landlord. We have asked for a contact number or address in the past but they never seem to want to give it to us. Are they allowed to refuse it do you know? When my husband wrote to them about the garden. He did put it for the attention of there landlord also but I doubt it will get passed on. I hadn't even though about the wildlife issue! we have been thinking about contacting the council but were hoping we could sort it without it going down that route. Thanks alot for the replies girls xx
  • hi apple_jack
    what a nightmare! we own other houses with tenants so ive just checked with my chap (cant get used to the abbreviations -?oh?). he said that in most cases that it is the responsibility of the tenant - your students! he said you could try the landlord, but many of them dont care (we would-i promise!) as long as they are getting the rent.
    he suggested that you complain to the council - they have records on who owns every house so should be able to pass onto the landlord. he also said that it could come as a shock to the landlord what a tip it has become. not all of them / or management companies do quarterly inspection visits to ensure the place is tip top.
    another thing to consider is contacting Environmental Health? it certainly sounds like it could be needed!
    i hope you can get it sorted, its not what you need is it!
  • This is petty and childish but if you can tell where the trolleys are from phone the supermarkets and report them. My oh works for a supermarket and it costs them a fortune to replace stolen trolleys so they will probably take legal action over it. Won't make them tidy up but if it were me it would make me feel better, sorry I don't have any more adult suggestions other than what people have already said.
    Kerry xx
  • i would def see if you can find out landlord,,,maybe a bit of digging?? are there many letting agencies in your area?? you could go in and ask if they own it, and if not, they may know who does cause i bet when house was available they were all sniffing around!!!! also try council!!! you could even try a bit of a white lie and say you have seen rats going in garden etc etc!!!! any other neighbours you could get on side??? i rent my house through an agency and i have a spot check every 3 months!! xx goodluck ps im sure there is somesort of letting council that you could try and find number from council cause its law they have to hold the deposit now or something....
  • Do u no which uni they're at cos the uni i used to go to had a list of all the landlords that provided student accommodation, and mayb contact them that way. They're prob breachin they're contract tbh cos in ours it stated that we had to keep house in a tidy state. But as its comin to the end of term hopefully they'll move out soon and u'll get sum nice neighbours!
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