When did you tell your family????

I was just wondering how far along you all were before you told your family you were pregnant?


  • We told our immediate family very quickly after we knew, maybe 7 weeks, but noone else until after the 12 weeks. x
  • Last time round we told them when I was about 8 weeks, this time we had to tell them straight away as we were staying with my Mum and Dad while we waited for our new house to be finished. They would have sussed in about 30 secs when they realised I had stopped drinking lol.
  • we told our parents as soon as I got my bfp in nov then rest of my family at xmas as I dont see then that often and everyone else as soon as we'd had the scan at 14 weeks. xxx
  • Hiya, we waited til 12 weeks to tell everyone, we didn't find out til 8 weeks ourselves and wanted a bit of time to get used to it!
  • with my first we told everyone as soon as we found out but with this lo we have only told close friends and family and will tell everyone else after the 12 week scan xx
  • We told both parents straight away think I was only 4 weeks! Then my work mate as there are only the two of us in the office & she had already asked 3 times if I was pregnant, could keep even a cup of tea down so wasn't hard for her to guess. Everyone else knew at 8 weeks including my boss as he was away on holiday for 4 weeks and didn't want him to be the last to know! Tammi xxx
  • I agree with jenni. my mum knew. I recently moved 150 miles away from her in London near to my OHs mother in Nottinghamshire. But every time I spoke to her on the phone she kept asking me if I was alright. After about a week of "are you sure your ok?." She asked me outright and I told her I was about 10 weeks gone. Then the "I knew it!" and the big lecture came about irrisponsibility. - fair enough.

  • I have told my older sis, as she is the only one I told about ttc (after I had been trying a couple of months, she knew something was up!)

    But she is sworn to secrecy as not planning on telling the rest until 12 week scan, as worried something will go wrong. xx


  • We didn't tell anyone until 14 weeks when we had our scan. It was really hard keeping it a secret but at times I look back now and realise how special it was just me and hubby knowing. It was our special little secret lol!
  • With the first 2 we told everyone straight away, this time I told my sis at about 8weeks but no-one else till 12 weeks.
  • we told my hubby's parents at 4 weeks and mine at 6 weeks.
  • i told everyone straight away at bowt 4 weeks lol. it woz meant 2 b a secret but i couldn't keep quiet hehe xxx
  • i told my family straight away when i found out i was 6 weeks
    so i couldnt wait to tell them :lol:
  • hi vonnie!! lol. i was about 6 weeks when i told my mum and closest friends, waited till i was about 12 weeks to tell everyone else though XX
  • told oh parents within about 3/4 days of us finding out in september, i rang my mum said i've got something to tell her & her reply was "you're pregnant aren't you"! mothers intuition i think!! lol she told my nan n grandad, was a bit iffy about telling my gdad though coz with bigs things you never know how he's going to take it, unfortunatly he's suffered from depression for nearly 15 years but the news of a great grandchild perked him up! image & the news of a little boy kept it going even though i don't think he'd be too bothered either way!
    next mile stone was my dad... needless to say i was living with him before i told him, i told him n he said "p!ss off n don't come back" n it was christmas before he spoke to me again! but he's been fantastic since then! image think it was shock mainly! only daughter, basically brought me up on his own so quite protective n the fact i'm only 18 as well! lo wasn't exactly planned but not unwanted kinda thing, just unexpected!
    my essay over & done with!! lol sorry!


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