Can't sleep- itching all over! :x Anyone else have this?


  • how many weeks are you? if in third trimester i'd see your midwife as i have this and also had it in my last prengnancy and both have turned out to be cholestasis. If you are in your third trimester she will likely take a blood sample to rule this out.
  • I had this through my pregnancy, especially in the last few weeks. I mentioned it to the midwife who told me to see my doctor - turns out mine was just due to hormones and the hot weather. I was prescribed some anti-histamines which did the trick.
    Pop to your doctor & they will be able to prescribe something. xx
  • OMG yes!! I have been itchy for the past 4 weeks. I had a nasty red rash for the first week, then just went red and blotchy and skin started to peel, a bit like sunburn but all over.
    The redness and rash have gone but I am still itchy.
    Gp gave me Piriton which really helped the itching but made me drowsy so could only take it at night.
    He also did bloods to check platelets and liver function as if they are abnormal it can cause itching.
    Hope your feelign better soon
    YC 28+4
  • Thanks for the replies- I'm 25 weeks so will get it checked out by GP. Having a bath and clean clothes hasn't helped so I'm sure there's nothing on me... cats have had fleas but they've never itched me before and they're now under control! I don't have any flea bites or a rash either, just nasty itchy crawling feeling yuk.
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